Jun 13, 2012

Put a Bead On It

Post By // Kristin F

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  • Ribbon of Breeze by Knittimo

A casual troll through ravelry netted this beauty in Shibui Linen, knit in the color Abyss--a beautiful, silky and elegant shade of black; glass beads provide a bit of dramatic sparkle to the piece.

Once again, our good friend Sachiko has taken a skein of our yarn and transformed it into something amazing; this time, with our new and innovative Linen. Unlike other linens in the handknitting market, ours is a delicate thread chained into a malleable and strong heavy lace weight yarn. It creates, as one raveler enthused, a "light as a breeze fabric with a beautiful drape"; we have to agree!

Keep watching the ravelry projects page for Linen, as new linen projects are popping up daily. We also love this Kage, (there are several beautiful versions), this simple and gorgeous wrap, and look forward to seeing how Eva's Rhombus Wrap and Oleya's Still Light Tunic progress. We love the way the latter two projects combine the Linen with a woolier yarn, making it a truly year-round fiber.

What are you making with Linen? We will be checking back, so be sure to share on ravelry!

May 22, 2012

Raiun Check

Post By // Kristin F

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  • Kirsten wears Raiun in Staccato

Sometimes, it's a chore to blog; other times, like today, I can't wait to share! Kirsten Johnstone, one of our favorite designers, has come out with yet another piece of gorgeous, Raiun. Pronounced ray-UHN, this season-spanning cardi in Staccato shows Kirsten's innovative signature; top-down construction and interesting seaming flatter a range of body types and provide just the right amount of cover for the crazy weather that signifies spring...and autumn, since Kirsten is a Southern Hemispherian.

Shown in Chrome, the silk content of Staccato provides just the right amount of drape and sheen; I am thinking about the new Abyss colorway for a wardrobe staple, but a pop of Watermelon would look great over summer dresses. Or, how about a version in our new Shibui Linen? So many beautiful colors; I'm obsessed with Field, an intangible greenish brownish grey, but any of the brights, such as Scale or Apple, would look great in this piece as well.

Kirsten's got a great blog (warning-don't go hungry; there are fabulous food photos and recipes, too); check it out and also visit ravelry to see her other unusual and must-have-able designs.

May 9, 2012

Shades of Gradient

Post By // Kristin F

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  • Gradient in Silk Cloud

If you are wondering where we've been, here's a news flash. We have been Knitting. A lot. Apologies for the lack of blog posts, but I am excited to share, in the upcoming weeks, what we've been brewing here at Shibui!

Let's start with our second free pattern, Gradient; a luscious little wrap of Silk Cloud. By holding three strands of the yarn together, subtle shade shifts are possible; and there are so many combinations with our ever-increasing range of Silk Cloud colors. The best part; Gradient is available on our website as a free download.

We chose Camel, Flaxen, Rust and Watermelon for our sample, but check out ravelry for some other gorgeous combinations. Here's more to get your creative juices going...in June, we will be showing 6 new shades of Silk Cloud at TNNA! Come by our booth--545/644--if you're in Columbus for the show, and we will be happy to show them to you, as well as a few new yarns, and fresh new colors of Shibui favorites.

Feb 14, 2012

Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of Silk

Post By // Kristin F

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  • Jenny Layers Silk Cloud

The groundhog has come and gone, and, while the February sun has occasionally crept out, it's still chilly here in Portland. I am so very ready for spring, but my wardrobe is still about wooly layers. This ethereal layering piece is a perfect solution for the winter wardrobe blahs...it looks fresh, but is still cozy and warm!

The pattern, No. 2 in the Shibui Mix series, is a simple tunic, knit in one piece from the bottom up, with Silk Cloud held double. There is a subtle striping pattern that keeps the knitting process fun, and the high content of silk in Silk Cloud keeps the itch factor away. A false side seam, and integral sleeves with a slight dolman make for minimal finishing; weave in the ends, block, and layer away!

We made this sample in wardrobe basic colors: Ash and Ivory, but I've been having swatch fun combining Rust with Watermelon and Suit with Abyss. Go light, go bright, go dark; you have so many options when you mix up yarns with Shibui!

Jan 12, 2012

Mix Message

Post By // Kristin F

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  • Mix No. 3, 3 ways

We are starting off the new year with a new way of thinking about knitting. Allow me to introduce you to the Shibui Mix concept; a brand new series of patterns, based on the idea of giving you, the knitter, the power to design your own bespoke yarns.

We have created a series of 6 (for now; more to follow!) designs that utilize the idea of using two strands of yarn to create a unique knitting fabric. Each of the flattering, simply constructed garments work up quickly, and require minimal finishing.

Let's start in the middle with Mix No. 3. This flexible accessory is worked from the center out, starting with just a few stitches, which is a great way to get used to the concept of double stranding. By combining Silk Cloud with Staccato, alternating stripes of sheer and opaque fabric shimmer from the silk content of both yarns. We adore Jenny in Watermelon, but I love my Suit scarf, and Sara N. is hard at work on her Dijon/Flaxen version.

So, don't be restricted by single skein-itis...there are so many creative ways to mix it up with Shibui! Check back--we'll be sharing another design next week.

Jan 5, 2012

Array of Light

Post By // Kristin F

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  • Array

A new year begs for a fresh start, knittingwise, as gift knitting grinds to a halt. While it is not yet time for Spring knitting, the hands and needles yearn for something fresh and clean; hence, Array.

A simple slipped stitch becomes special when worked with two very different yarns in contrasting hues. I chose two of my favorite fibers for this versatile cowl; Merino Alpaca, a worsted weight blend with incredible stitch definition, juxtaposed against fingering weight, silky Staccato. The contrast in weight and content make the texture pop in this chic accessory, and the Watermelon Staccato provides the perfect punch to the beautiful backdrop of Merino Alpaca in Ash.

And, because we are so grateful to all of the Shibui fans who helped make 2011 a banner year for us, we are offering you the pattern for Array gratis; with a click of your mouse, it's yours to have, and share with your knitting cohorts.

Go forth and create, and be sure to post your projects on ravelry; we can't wait to see what incredible color combinations that you design!

Dec 28, 2011

Post-Holiday Blue

Post By // Kristin F

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  • Jenny wears Laverne

At this time of year, my rods and cones are glazed from a holiday overload of red and green, which is why I am focusing my eyes on Laverne, and its fresh, clean essence of Staccato in Tide.

Another of Olga's polished and innovative designs in Shibui Silk, which we will release January 1, this crisp little sweater can be styled a multiple of ways. The I-cord drawstring can be pulled up for a gathered effect, or left hanging, as shown above on Jenny, for a casual swingy profile.

Laverne is worked sideways from the front edge, and is cleverly constructed to minimize the bane of most knitters-seaming. So shake off the winter blues, cast on Laverne in Tide....or Apple....or Watermelon and jump start your spring wardrobe!